We are experts in lifting equipment

We have started our business in 1996. We are specialised mainly in lightweight lifts for loads under 200 kg, although we have many products that lift loads up to more than 10,000 kg. Ergonomic handling and also the competitive price is of major importance when we choose the best possible alternative for our customer. We supply our customers with lifting equipment and also provide services in areas such as installation, service and maintenance, and training. We also arrange inspections of lifting equipment.

Our product range is:

  • All kinds of lifting equipment: electric, pneumatic and mechanical
  • Light profile (crane) systems, steel and aluminium.
  • Lifting tables and trolleys
  • Many kinds of grippers: vacuum, magnetic, mechanical. Often customer made.


Please do not hesitate to contact us. You will get full service also in English.

Jesse Hagman
Country Manager
Tel: +358 40 542 1034 
E-mail: jesse.hagman@finnlift.fi